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So i'm not active writing here. I have another active blog. You can follow me on: http://facebook.com/cyehra Http://cyehra.blogspot.de http://cyehra.tumblr.com instagram: cyehra and pupeegirl : cyehra

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Today i want to show you some pictures :3

Hello there~!

I just want to post some coords of my Lolita Fashion Style!

My First entry :)

My first LJ entry deals with my last Lolita Meet Up in Düsseldorf~! The "Royal Pony Event"

I don't live in the near of Düsseldorf, so i had to travel a little bit. I went by train and that took approximately  2:30 hour. So i spend the last saturday (04-21-2012) there.
My alarm ringed at 5.30 in the morning. I had to stand up and get ready for the meet up xD. I need a long time to put one's face on haha. I wish i could do this a little bit faster. At 7 o'Clock i was ready. Then i helped my boyfriend to style his hair a little. He accompanied me and was wearing a Kodona outfit. After that i had to hurry ;_; The cording on the RH didn't stay there, they should! But i handled it somehow. At the meet up, some people told me they have the same little problem XD.
So at 8.40 am we was on our way to Düsseldorf. The tour was very comfortable  and calm. We bought ICE-tickets, instead of the Weekend-Ticket for round about 57€. But this was a very good decision. We had our places in the train and just had to wait to arrive ;).
We found the big group of lolitas very fast. I met a lot of people there. We was waiting for the last missing person.  After that we visited a nice little restaurant! They booked the whole restaurant for us! That was a nice view. The whole restaurant full of Lolitas xD. After the restaurant we went to the Nordpark and took photos. The day was very nice. The weather wasn't that great, but it was okey. In the afternoon it didn't start to rain. That was luck!
At the end of the meet up we went to the street called "Japan Meile" and i took with Yuki and another nice Lolita Purikura-Fotos.
At 18.33 we went back to Bremen ;_;

All in one it was a very nice day <3 Thank you all so much!

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